New Zealand Nightlife Tours – City Lights & Stars

New Zealand offers an incredible nightlife scene, from dining at Skytower with breathtaking views to watching an intoxicating dance show in Frank Kitts Park. There’s something special waiting for night-owls in New Zealand’s nightlife scene!

New Zealand’s velvety black skies are filled with stars. Join a guided star gazing journey and discover celestial points of significance while learning about Maori beliefs about the night sky.


1. Hit the Rocking Bars & Nightclubs

New Zealand provides plenty of nightlife fun, from bustling bars and exciting parties, to happening clubs and theatre shows across Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch.

Nightlife tours provide the perfect way to satisfy any rock and roll fan, dance music lover or just plain fun-seeker’s craving for adventure on the open road! Join Raro Tours’ Going Troppo Tour for an incredible night on the town aboard their converted 22-seater bus!

Watch the sun set over Auckland from romantic spots such as Frank Kitts Park, Awhitu Lighthouse or Muriwai – or head to Space Place Planetarium, an impressive full dome facility offering multimedia exhibits, astronomical events and giant telescopes!

2. Superyacht Ride

At night, there’s something truly enchanting about being on the ocean, especially New Zealand’s breathtaking waters. Join a boat tour for some unforgettable views – they make this planet truly spectacular.

Traverse the gorgeous Bay of Islands or Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, explore Marlborough Sound and Fiordland on South Island and witness some amazing nighttime wildlife sightings such as whales, dolphins, seals and penguins!

An ideal way to experience New Zealand nightlife without all of the noise and crowds of cities, these tours fill up fast so be sure to book well ahead.

3. Romantic Walk

Walk along Viaduct Harbor’s stunning waterfront area adorned with superyachts is the perfect romantic date night in Auckland, featuring plenty of restaurants and bars boasting breath-taking views.

Waitomo Caves in New Zealand offer one of the best places to view Arachnocampa Luminosa (glow worm). Join a guided tour for maximum viewing opportunities while listening and searching for manu (birds) and tuna (long-finned eels).

New Zealand boasts an unparalleled natural environment. Lace up your walking boots and set off on one of its famed walking tracks or simpler trails for an unforgettable journey!

New Zealand’s southern corner is an idyllic nature lover’s haven. Be amazed by enchanting waterfalls, search for yellow-eyed penguins or take a cruise along Nugget Point by sea to witness the magic of Nugget Point first-hand. And don’t miss your chance to wander Hobbiton movie set – an experience worthy of its place in any Tolkien fan’s books!

4. Watch Stars at Space Place

New Zealand’s famed clear skies make New Zealand ideal for stargazing, so take the Cable Car ride out to Space Place near Wellington to learn about constellations, galaxies and planets – not forgetting the historic telescope for stargazing – plus experience state-of-the-art digital exhibits in the full dome planetarium – included with your ticket price!

Booking in advance for night tours to Zealandia is essential; spaces fill quickly! Your guide will lead you through sanctuary valley by torchlight, searching for Kiwi and other unique features of New Zealand’s bush; approximately 80% of night tour participants see at least one Kiwi during their tour!

For an enjoyable pub crawl, join Raro Tours on their Going Troppo tour. Spend your evening on Cuba Street, Wellington’s most vibrant hot spot of brotherhood and conviviality; celebrate with food, drinks and live performances all night long!

5. Spot Glowworms at Botanic Garden

Glowworms (Arachnocampa Luminosa) light up a cave wall behind Horseshoe Falls on New Zealand’s South Lawson Waterfalls Loop Trail at nightfall, creating an amazing display. This popular waterfall walk is one of five on this circuit and will transform into a magical glowworm wonderland at dusk.

An evening guided tour will bring you into the caves at night when the glow worms are most active, and your guide will use torches in the darkness to illuminate their brightly-hued hues as you enter and explore its depths and cliffsides.

Glow worms can also be seen at other spots throughout the Botanic Garden. However, for maximum impact and safety it’s best to visit Horseshoe Falls tour during daylight as its path can become steep and treacherous at night causing you to potentially slip down into its waterfall and slip off at some point during your journey.

Explore Zealandia by torchlight and listen for the distinctive sounds of New Zealand forest wildlife at night – such as the high-pitched call of kiwis! You might even spot one here as this predator proof sanctuary is home to over 180 of them!

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