Geothermal Wonders of New Zealand

Explore New Zealand’s geothermal wonders from bubbling mud pools to powerful geysers – witness its unique landscapes that shaped this country!

Join a fully guided tour through Rotorua’s geothermal splendor, including visiting healing mud foot baths and learning about Maori culture at Hell’s Gate. Includes lunch and transport.


Te Puia

New Zealand’s premier geothermal reserve features boiling mud lakes, geysers and vibrantly-hued silica terraces amidst stunningly active volcanic terrain. Te Puia provides visitors with an unforgettable Maori cultural experience.

Discover the remarkable variety of this geothermal reserve on a guided or self-guided interactive tour, where you’ll witness bubbling waters, land coral and even a hot waterfall – it’s truly spectacular to experience these natural wonders first-hand! Afterward, feel free to get dirty at our healing mud foot pool or try your hand at Maori carving!

Te Puia provides an exquisite and authentic exploration of New Zealand’s North Island’s rich cultural history. Visitors to Whakarewarewa Village are immersed in Maori culture and traditions by touring Whare Tupuna – their ancestral meeting house featuring towering water jets known as Pohutu Geyser; plus they’ll learn how geothermal energy plays an essential part in daily life.

Pataka Kai restaurant overlooking Pohutu Geyser offers food and drink, Maori wood carving and weaving tutorials and daily cultural performances called Kapa Haka. All this makes Rotorua an excellent combination of geothermal experiences with rich cultural attractions – perfect for anyone seeking the full Rotorua experience!

Waimangu Valley

Discover the natural beauty of volcanic hot springs and steaming cliffs on this unforgettable journey. Hike through walking trails through geothermal valley, taking advantage of spectacular geothermal attractions before embarking on a 45 minute Lake Rotomahana boat cruise for spectacular geothermal attractions, finishing up with the option to add Te Puia and gain insight into New Zealand culture and Maori history – an adventure not to be missed!

Experience New Zealand’s geothermal wonders on a day trip from Auckland – home of the iconic Pohutu Geyser, Whakarewarewa Maori Arts and Crafts Institute and two native Kiwi birds at Kiwi House – along with cultural experiences like performances and concerts from Maori communities around town.

Waimangu Tour is an essential experience for nature lovers, Maori history enthusiasts, and those eager to understand the dynamic forces of nature. The geothermal area features boiling mud pools, therapeutic thermal spas and geysers; lake and stunning silica terraces boast earthy colors for stunning photography opportunities; beautiful lake; as well as multiple awards won for Waimangu’s contribution to New Zealand tourism – but its story goes much deeper than just geothermal phenomena!

Hell’s Gate

Hells Gate offers an unforgettable geothermal experience like no other; with bubbling mud pits and powerful geysers. Venture into its world of boiling hot pools, water erupting at over 100 degrees Celsius, steaming fumaroles, and the largest active mud volcano in New Zealand – it will take your breath away!

Uncover this magical land of myth and legend while learning more about its cultural history of the indigenous Ngati Rangiteaorere tribe that have resided here for more than 700 years. Discover why Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw called this area Hells Gate as you take in its breathtaking thermal landscapes and breathtaking volcanic activity unique to this area.

Step into the mud spa before cooling off in spring-fed lakes or at the Southern Hemisphere’s largest hot waterfall for one of New Zealand’s most engaging geothermal experiences! Explore this geothermal reserve on either a guided tour or on your own with a self-guided map provided on arrival – you could even try your hand at Maori carving!

Mount Tarawera

Lake Taupo, its majestic waters, untouched ancient forests and swamplands, impressive geothermal wonderlands and breathtaking volcanoes form a region of unparalleled natural beauty. Take an exciting jet boat ride over Huka Falls or stroll through Craters of the Moon geothermal park filled with bubbling mud pools and steam vents – each offers unforgettable experiences!

Step into Whakarewarewa Thermal Region for an incredible journey through its living Maori village amidst hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and geysers that erupt like volcanoes! Your guide will be proud to introduce the culture and history of their people within this breathtaking environment; don’t miss visiting Pohutu Geyser as well as other thermal attractions!

Explore Mount Tarawera’s captivating volcanic landscape and history on this fully guided tour. Witness its legendary June 10 eruption which created Waimangu geothermal valley, along with devastating Pink and White Terraces, before exploring an impressive crater lake, shocking blue craters and lakes, natural springs and more along your journey to Hell’s Gate.

Rotorua offers visitors an unforgettable chance to explore both natural and cultural treasures on this all-inclusive tour, such as Te Puia for Maori cultural experience, or its thermal wonders like bubbling mud pools, geysers erupting, sulphur spas and more. Don’t miss this incredible experience!

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