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Explore both ancient traditions and flourishing modern arts of New Zealand’s Maori people, from their welcome ceremony (powwhiri) to traditional carving, weaving, and weaponry on display at Te Papa Tongarewa museum or other attractions from Rotorua to Nelson.

Auckland’s historic Maori pa sites and grand old homes present another side of colonial history, while Napier’s art deco architecture pays a unique homage. Visit Fairy Spring to marvel at glow worms or indulge in an amazing hangi feast and witness an extraordinary cultural performance including graceful poi dancing or spine-tingling haka performances! For more information and tours related to New Zealand’s culture and history, check out MoaTrek.


Tamaki Maori Village

Re-creating Maori culture as it existed prior to European colonial settlement, this village allows visitors to experience Maori life first-hand. Maori warriors welcome guests before leading them around to observe carving, weaving, tattooing, food preparation and other traditional practices – such as food carving.

An evening with us includes a performance and authentic hangi dinner, where visitors will learn of Maori traditions while participating in activities such as powhiri and haka.

Tamaki Maori Village is an essential stop for those who wish to gain insight into Maori history in New Zealand. Their staff consists of descendants, and this family-owned company has won multiple tourism awards due to their knowledgeable and respectful presentations of Maori culture to visiting tourists.

Te Puia

Rotorua’s geothermal wonderland ranges from the majestic Pohutu Geyser to bubbling mud pools, offering visitors a captivating geothermal experience. Additionally, visitors can discover Maori culture through guided experiences and captivating walks across Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley Floor.

Te Puia was established by the government of New Zealand in 1963 to uphold Maori cultural traditions, such as carving, weaving and cultural performance. An on-site carving school provides training for budding carvers while an authentic range of Maori artwork can be purchased through Ahua Gallery.

At Te Puia, visitors can observe traditional Maori welcome ceremonies (powhiri) and cultural performances that showcase dance and music of indigenous populations in New Zealand. At the Kiwi House they can gain insight into early settlers’ food and medicine consumption patterns; or have hands-on weaving experience using harakeke to craft an iconic Maori cloak!

Kai Waho

New Zealand provides authentic Maori cultural experiences that are both meaningful and enlightening. Visit Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington to uncover some of New Zealand’s iconic treasures (taonga).

Join Delani Brown, a master carver from Tuwharetoa tribe. Witness their powerful Powhiri (welcome ceremony), and enjoy traditional foods and culture!

On the Kai Waho experience, guests learn pre-European cooking methods and take part in a foraging expedition to gather ingredients. Following their meal, enjoy hearing riveting tales of Maori myth and legend!

Visit Ko Tane Maori village in Christchurch to witness traditional hula dancing and participate in a Powhiri. Additionally, learn about Kaitiakitanga – an important Maori philosophy which requires guardianship over environmental matters – from its inhabitants.

Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings

Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings are one of New Zealand’s most breathtaking contemporary Maori artworks, created over four summers by Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell over four summers in the 1970s by Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell and standing 14 metres high above Lake Taupo. Depicting Ngatoroirangi as well as various ancestors and guardians who play pivotal roles within his tribe’s history are depicted.

Ngatoroirangi’s head features a TikiTiki knot to represent his ability to communicate with lo Matua Kore – the spiritual world. These carvings are only accessible via water and can be visited on scenic cruises, sailing trips or kayak tours departing Lake Taupo.

Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington offers an incredible insight into New Zealand culture and history, featuring art, ornaments, garments, archaeological items and ancestral carvings from New Zealand’s rich past. Explore Te Papa Tongarewa to gain a greater understanding of New Zealand’s vibrant cultural identity! Explore its halls to witness artefacts such as garments worn during ceremonies of identity as well as indigenous carvings that demonstrate this cultural vitality.

Ngati Kuri

Ngati Kuri Iwi joined three Northland Iwi to receive a $100 million settlement from the Crown for past Treaty breaches. Since then, they’ve been working hard to establish themselves as protectors of Rangitahua, reaching out to scientists, philanthropists, volunteers, and more for help.

Ngati Kuri are descendants of Kupe, the Polynesian navigator who discovered New Zealand. Based at Muriwhenua in Hokianga between Houhora Mountain in Hokianga and Parengarenga Harbour and Matauri Bay.

Ngati Kuri are part of Ngati Toa (People of the Ocean), and possess strong spiritual, cultural, and natural ties to their treasured taonga (their heritage). Ngati Kuri have been given responsibility for protecting two extraordinary rakau: Rata moehau and Kahika rangitahua. Their work thus far includes hosting numerous hui in which information about these treasured species was gathered; running an intensive 15-person team that hand pollinates Rata moehau while propagating Kahika rangitahua in order to keep populations growing!

Ko Tane

New Zealand is a hub of tribal culture and history, where Maori language and traditions are respected and revered. You can experience their history and heritage by visiting a marae (meeting place), taking part in cultural performances like Kapa Haka or simply enjoying traditional carving and weaving arts.

Ko Tane Living Maori Village at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve provides an amazing glimpse into Maori culture. Experience their traditional powhiri greeting and meet Tane Mahuta – Lord of the Forest and one of New Zealand’s tallest ancient Kauri forest giants!

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